First-century Christians were Jewish believers in Yeshua, the Christ. They endured much persecution and many were killed during the reign of Roman Emperor Nero between 54 and 66 AD. The genocide that exists today is no different than it was in first-century Jerusalem, aimed at eviscerating Christianity.  These efforts are in vain. 

​Nineteenth-century writer H.L. Hastings once forcibly illustrated the unique way in which the Bible and the Gospels have withstood the attacks of skepticism: “Infidels of eighteen hundred years have been refuting and overthrowing this book, and yet it stands today as solid rock. Its circulation increases and it is more loved and cherished and read today than ever before. Infidels, with all their assaults, make about as much impression on this book as a man with a tack hammer would on the Pyramids of Egypt.”

​When the French monarch proposed the persecution of Christians in his dominion, an old statesman and warrior said to him, “Sire, the church of God is an anvil that has worn out many hammers. So the hammers of infidels have been pecking away at this book for ages, but the hammers are worn out, and the anvil still endures. If this book had not been the book of God, men would have destroyed it long ago. Emperors and popes, kings and priests, princes and rulers have all tried their hand at it; they die and the book still lives.”

This album is dedicated to those early Christians and to Christians around the globe who are martyred for preaching the Gospel in His Holy Name.

Tomorrow’s Promise
Be Still for the Presence

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