Heaven – 2012

These original compositions tell the story of a journey that begins with aimlessness for the things of heaven (HeavenAdrift) such as the fruits of the Sprint: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Then, as in life, things often times get worse before they get better. The fool in his heart has said “there is no God.” (HeavenFool). Yet through the sacrifice of Jesus, His death and resurrection, there is hope. He is the gateway (HeavenGate) to God, the One who shed His blood for our sin so that God sees us pure and blameless. This is a cause for humanity to celebrate (HeavenSymphony) as the Heavenly Host of angels watch His love come down to live among His creation.

As we come to know the Light of the Works and open our heart to that truth (HeavenLight), we bring light into the work around us. And as we burn ever brighter for His purpose, our earthly desires fall away (HeavenMist), as our heart moves from the things of this world to the everlasting goodness of His world. Purity and awe in His perfect creation, even in the smallest and simplest of things – the beauty of a snowflake (HeavenSnow) – in such things are His signature upon creation.

The final composition is in tribute to those who have had near death experiences (HeavenNDE) and have found the courage to share their heavenly encounters with others. Although nothing is found in the Bible to support seeing heaven in this way, there is clearly something to this phenomenon.


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